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About our Charitable Partner,

Pressley Ridge

Pressley Ridge in Washington County provides both Crisis Stabilization/Family Preservation Services and Family Based Mental Health services.  Both services are provided to families in their homes and communities.  Oftentimes families are struggling with a broad range of issues that are compounded by not always having their basic needs met.  Pressley Ridge offers contingency funds to support families in meeting basic needs as well as to support activities that allow for personal growth for an individual in a family.  Contingency funds can provide concrete goods such as: food, furniture, clothing, and utilities.  It can also cover services such as training programs, support groups, memberships to community support agencies, and other educational activities.  Funds often allow a child to participate in an activity that connects him or her to school or community such as uniforms or fees for sports teams, a school trip, or music lessons.  Additionally, funds can support a family’s ability to be independent by covering the cost of a bus pass or other public transportation to attend appointments or events. 

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