• No outside food or drink, with the exception of sealed bottles of water and pretzel necklaces

  • No weapons or firearms of any kind (regardless of concealed carry permit)

  • No drugs and/or drug paraphernalia

  • No pets with the exception of service animals

  • Any item that can be used as a projectile or deemed as dangerous


What is the appropriate ID to get in?

What is the admission charge for Designated Drivers?

Is there any food on site?

I bought a ticket and now I can’t find it/can’t print it, what do I do?

Can I bring my child?

When do ticket sales cease?

Can I bring outside food and beverage into the venue?

Is this event indoors or outdoors?

Can I bring someone under the age of 21 as my designated driver?

When do taps close?

Is smoking allowed?

I can no longer attend. Now what?